Everyone in this world deserves to dream, everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. No one should ever feel that they don't deserve love or they don't have the right to dream. We are trying to bring a change.


Blood Donation Campaign

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Blood Donation Drive

The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, or even you.

Our effort ,our Sankalp to help the feeders of our nation, the farmers has reached its last leg. But this event could only be possible due to your untiring efforts and enthusiastic support.

SANKALP calls out to you for one more time in this quest to help the deserving and save a life that fuels all of ours!



Charity isn't just a necessity, it is happiness! SANKALP is back, this time with its event 'ARTOLOGY'! An open-for-all Drawing Competition. This is a fund- raiser event for the specially abled children at the 'Kalyan Muk Badhir School, Nagpur'.

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